What’s on the menu?

While roasted corn is our specialty, you’ll find we’re cooking up a whole lot more than that here at Mother Shuckers. Here are some of our hottest items: Chicken on a Stick, Half Pound Char-burgers, Cowboy Nachos and Stuffed Burritos. It’s not fast food; it’s what we call good food, fast. We use fresh ingredients in everything we serve. Our food is always prepared right on site, right when it’s ordered, and nothing is frozen or pre-made. How good is it? Believe it or not, one of our biggest kicks is to have a concessionaire from down the way come to our booth and eat our food instead of eating their own. It happens.

In short, if we are proud of anything, it’s the quality of the food we serve. Need a quality caterer for your next family reunion, festival, or fundraiser? Give us a call.