How we got our start

While Bob, Denise and Bobby Lee are now old hands at the concessionaire trade, it wasn’t always peaches and cream for Mother Shuckers. Their first “setup” was in April of 1999. Denise admits that neither she nor Bob knew much about, well, anything that had anything to do with corn cooking at a festival. They were new at the roaster, and didn’t even know how to set up a tent, but when they came home with money in their pockets, Bob told Denise, with a self-satisfied glow, “I have found my calling!”

Nowadays, many events and festivals later, and miles and miles traveled to hundreds of events, Denise and Bob are joined by their son, Bobby Lee. It’s been 21 years now and the three members of the Jenkins family love what they do as much as they did on that first day; bringing good food and fun to folks all over the Southeast, tent and roaster in tow, pickup truck full of peaches and cream corn.

It doesn’t get any better than this.